Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sometimes, I am just that portland.

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I have pet rats. I've kept rats off and on for the last 4-5 years, but i am currently down to only having 3. 2 Girls, Sadie and Camilla, who are around 3 years old, and one boy, Harry, who's almost 2. They're some of the best pets I've ever had, and it's hard for me to imagine my life in Portland without them.

There was a point where i had upwards of 8. There was some unfortunate sickness and whatnot, and that's what has led to the significantly dwindled amount I have now.

After being unemployed for a personal record of 5 months (i don't think i've been unemployed that much in TOTAL since getting my first McJob at 16), my moneys were tight, and I had been buying a crappy seed-with-a-bit-of-lab-block mix of food from the local petstore for them. Not my favorite thing to do. I can watch them gain weight when i'm feeding them this stuff, and it makes me feel like a bad pet owner.

Now that i'm working again, I had planned to purchase my favorite store-bought rat food, Regal Rat. Unfortuantely, we were TOTALLY out of food, and I didn't make it to the petstore on time. I figured "OK, i'll go to the grocery store, buy some low-sugar cereal and that'll tide them over 'til tomorrow".

Then I remembered reading an article about blending your own ratfoods, and how much better it was for them because you could filter out junk (like peanuts!) that is in the store-bought blends.

I turned to's article entitled "Suebee's Rat Diet".

I was shopping at a Large chain grocery store that isn't particularly known for it's healthfood section (though, god help them, they try). It was a bit toughing to track down a couple of the ingredients, but i feel like i found suitable substitutions. Here's where i differed:

1) I couldn't find unsalted/unflavored in-the-shell Sunflower seeds, so i got roasted un-salted out-of-the-shell ones from the bulk section.

2) I couldn't find completely unsweetened, dehydrated bananas, so I used banana chips. Their sugar amount was low, so i'm assuming most of that is just fruit-sugars at that point. I also got these from the bulk bins.

3) I couldn't find any bulk mixed fruit or cranberries, so i ended up with Ocean Spray Craisins. They were the lowest in sugar-content of all the dried fruits in general, as well as by brand. Go figure!

4) I didn't have mixed-veggie spirals, but i did have some regular Farfalle at home. They don't seem to mind, and if i buy some of the spirals, i'll add them in later.

The other thing that i didn't think of until it was too late was the SHEER VOLUME of all this food. I tried to do it in two mixing bowls, but before i even GOT to the dried cereals portion, both bowls were full. I opted for a paper bag from your friend, and mine, Trader Joe's.

After dumping everything in, i gave it a good stir with a big spoon, and then shook it a bit for good measure. I was kind of afraid the soy nuts and sunflower seeds were gonna end up in the bottom, so i kept stiring long past where i could have stopped. What can i say, I never know when to stop.

After all that, i had to divide it up into containers. FORTUNATELY i had opted to pick up the 3-piece set from Bi-Mart, isntead of the cute but-oh-so-much-smaller-than-i-would-have-needed Barrel shaped container. *SIGH* It did, however, fill ALL THREE containers.

On the bright side, the Rats seemed to LOVE it (once they noticed it in the bowl, obviously they were delirious from the hungries).

This all cost me about 12$ (not including the 5$ for the containers, and the 2$ for the box of cheerios i bought but didn't need)

I guess this is how i'll be doing things from now on! The kids sure seem to like it :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello, Blogosphere?

Here's the thing. I'm involved in several other blogs, i've been bloggin for the better part of the last 8-9 years in various forms (several before the term "blog" was created, once i did all the html to each post manually and uploaded it via a windows-based FTP program any time i updated... RIGHT? i was like, 16.) So The idea of a "personal blog" In any form is kind of old-hat to me. i don't really care. Yup. that's right, I said it. For shit's sake, i maintain two blogs related to knitting, one of them i get paid to maintain (yeah, it's a 'work' blog, i'll talk more about it later).

This means that when i think about blogging, i try to think of more interesting blog-type ideas. Blogs that aggregate and distribute information. Craftblogs about other people's crafts. craftblogs about my crafts (Granted, there are two of these nowadays, lets not talk about that). I thought about creating a blog about local music scenes, maybe with multiple contirbutors. The fact of the matter is, i go through periods of complete disconnection from all that stuff, and i don't want to feel like a failure for it.

Therefore, this blog is just about me. stuff i do, stuff i want to do, stuff i will do, stuff i have done. Whether it be arts and crafts related, or a reposting of a recent DJ set or something like that. This is where i'm going to talk about it.  The fact of the matter is, i do a lot of stuff. Hopefully, i'll talk about it here. Aside from that, I also intend on talking about live music events and parties i attend or have no desire to attend, my beard and the beards of others, as well as any other thing it damn well pleases me to post. There. take that, internets!